If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and are starting chemo, you’ll need to wear various hats throughout the treatment period.

Unfortunately, chemo comes with some side effects, including Alopecia, a condition that damages hair follicles resulting in hair loss. That’s where chemo caps come in handy, protecting you from exposure to the sun and cold.

Read on to learn more about chemo hats.

What are Chemo Hats?

Chemo hats, also known as cancer hats, are specially designed for cancer patients to wear while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

The hats are necessary because, in most cases, cancer patients undergoing chemo lose their hair completely. Often, this starts about two weeks into the treatment and may last up to several weeks or even a few months.

Wearing a hat protects the delicate scalps from the sun, and during cold weather, it keeps the head warm and comfy. Additionally, chemo hats play a significant part in helping to boost confidence because, as you can imagine, losing hair is traumatic for most people.

Chemo hats come in a variety of styles. Getting the best style depends entirely on how the cap feels on you. We recommend purchasing more than one chemo headwear style. Some common styles include chemo caps, cancer scarves, chemo beanies, cancer headbands, and cancer turbans. 

Why are Chemo Caps Different from Standard Hats?

Of course, you expect a chemo hat to differ from a standard hat because they serve a very different purpose. Here’s why a chemo hat is different from a regular hat:

How to Choose the Best Chemo Hats

Different physical and online stores offer a wide variety of chemo hats, making it confusing and challenging to choose. 

For obvious reasons, it’s easiest to buy online. Unfortunately, especially for chemo hats sold online, not all are good as they look. 

To recognize the best chemo hats stocked in online stores, consider the following tips:

When it comes to chemo hat size, most have a universal size fitting most head sizes. For exceptional cases where the head is too small or too big, you should consult a chemo hat expert for guidance.

The Importance of Chemo Hats During Cancer Treatment

Chemo caps come in handy in protecting your delicate scalp. In addition, you may want them for aesthetic reasons.

Just because you’re ill doesn’t mean you cannot be fashionable. On the contrary, besides being fashionable, these hats are available for use in various settings. Some are best suited for wearing outdoors, some indoors, and others for sleeping.

It’s a good idea to purchase multiple hats. Why? For hygienic purposes, you’ll need to wash them as often as possible. Therefore, you need several. And if possible, buy them in different colors for self-esteem and overall well-being.

Wear a Fabulous Chemo Hat

Now you understand better about chemo hats and how to choose the most suitable hat. Remember, these hats hide hair loss and protect the scalp and make you feel more like yourself. 

Once you’ve established your head size, go ahead and buy a chemo hat that fits your style and preference and makes you feel comfortable. 

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